2004-11-11 | New MCSA Petitions of Reason for Campus Assembly

Originally published by The University Register: Campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota, Morris

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - Volume 17, Issue 9


Press Release

Elections for MCSA Campus Assembly Representatives and University Senators will be held a week from yesterday, on Wednesday, November 17, 2004. The polls will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. and will be located at a table in the Student Center near the information desk. Students must bring a Student ID or some other form of identification to be able to vote. Although petitions of reason and application to be put on the ballot were due yesterday, any eligible candidates may run write-in campaigns. Only one percent of the total possible vote is required to be eligible for election to a position. REMINDER: The election is for alternates to Campus Assembly and the University Senator position. A number of these positions will be open next semester with the resignation of current members for travel abroad.

Dan Moore

Many of you may know me from living on campus, participating in campus organizations, or working as a student employee. My name is Dan Moore, I'm a sophomore History and Management major, and I'd like to represent you on MCSA for the next year. I've seen the student government at UMM play a huge role in improving your experience here and I would very much like to be a part of that service.

Getting involved in campus activities has been a wonderful way for me to get to know many of you. As we've worked together, I've done my best to use the leadership skills that I have and the resources at my disposal to go the extra mile in helping you out.

Living on campus and serving as the treasurer of the Apartments and Gay Hall Governments, I feel I have an understanding of many of the issues associated with residential life on campus and I have built great relationships with those who can affect change in our dorms and meal plans.

I have also worked as the treasurer and executive director of the College Republicans and the founding president of the Sportsmen's Club. I've met many new people and have worked with other organizations, the Morris community, the Office of Student Activities, and University administrators to do some great things for these groups. I've learned how to get things done for student interests, and I'd love to continue that on MCSA.

Working for the Student Center Tech Crew has also provided me with the opportunity to work with a diverse number of student groups as well as community and University events. You've asked me to use my skills to help you with the behind-the-scenes details to make your events into the best that they can be. From the music department to the MRC, political groups to Homecoming, CAC Concerts to convocations, and many others, I've done my best to help all of you.

I can think of no better or more satisfying way for me to use the skills that I have, the relationships I have built, or the insights that I have gained than to go the extra mile as a voice for all of you in our student government. MCSA is a place for strong and committed leaders to work together and with the campus community and I would appreciate the opportunity to represent you, work with you, and improve the UMM experience for you. Remember to vote in the Student Center on Wednesday, November 17. Thank you!

Ann Tally

I wish to attain the position of MCSA Campus Assembly Member. In my third year here at Morris, I have come to understand the unique nature of concerns raised by my fellow students. I want to help in student affairs, and to ensure fairness in relation to rising costs of education. I am a leader in MPIRG, and I attend meetings of the WRC, and E-Quality. Additionally, I am active in the theatre discipline, while majoring in English and minoring in Art History. I am willing to speak on behalf of the "other;" people underrepresented in University politics. Issues of diversity, finance, gender, sexuality, and equality will not be skirted if I attain office. The health of a community is reflected through the quality of its public education; I believe I can help to enhance the welfare of students at UMM while still maintaining the prestigious standing that the University has achieved.


[Author's Note, 2012] Immediately following the contentious election season of 2004 I sought to diversify my role in campus 'change making.' Being tired of the bitter squabbles of national politics played out on a campus of 1,800, I decided I wanted to continue spending a couple hours each week trying to improve the experience of my peers, but that I would rather do it from a position where I could potentially effect change through direct action on campus and access to other leaders who make change happen instead of just sitting around getting upset at 'the other side' and never really doing much about it. As such, I ran for a Campus Assembly seat (UMM's governing body) which gives you a seat on MCSA (the Morris Campus Student Association), the student government. Above is my petition of reason.