More About Me

Minnesota is home

Laura and I love our home in the Twin Cities, not far from most of our family, where we enjoy spending time outdoors even when the air hurts your face.

You betcha

"Uncle Dan, will you pull me?" I can't say no to fun ideas from smart people. "I don't know how fast we'll go, but let's give it a try!"


Pounce and I both spend our free time celebrating the University of Minnesota Morris and affordable public liberal arts education.

Donor & Benefactor

From time and resources to blood and advocacy, I give what I can, grateful for the work of world-class institutions and scrappy change-makers.

Being outside

Helping a neighbor

I'm a lucky guy

Embracing change

Personal holidays

I celebrate Election Day and Inauguration Day by showing up and doing my part to advance The Great Experiment.

Time with family

Creative outlets

Teaching hard stuff